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Green Mobile is a company established to increase competitiveness in the market of mobile telephony and mobile services in order to bring a better and more flexible offer to every customer as a private person or business user. Behind our company are already experienced cable operators, KDS Kabelnet DOO and Kablekall DOOEL, which have been present on the market for more than 20 years and which manage to meet the requirements of each user in one digital time, time of rapid technological development and contribute to development. and the availability of cable television and the Internet in the territory in which they are present.

Green Mobile Mission

Our mission as Green is to strive to extend, upgrade, and make these efforts even more accessible to each individual. With the introduction of the mobile telephony service, we will not only make the founding companies richer with another offer, but we will also strengthen their overall position on the market. Increasing the competitiveness of the mobile telephony market would contribute to this market becoming more accessible and more flexible for everyone.

Green Mobile Motto

Our motto is to always be on the user's side and to respond to all his needs!

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